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PDPM to RUGs Financial Impact Analysis  

PDPM reimbursement system will impact each SNF differently, some will have financial gains, and others will have financial losses. Polaris Group can help predict the financial impact of PDPM on your SNF. Our Financial Consultant will audit a sample of recent Part A stays, calculate the PDPM Case Mix Groups for each, then compare payment for PDPM to the payment received under RUGs for an Impact Analysis.


  • Expert impact analysis of recent Part A stays comparing PDPM recenue to RUGs revenue for each.
  • Calculate cumulative impact based on total sample of difference in revenue under PDPM compared to RUGs.
  • Provide PDPM Training Introduction to team members.
  • Evaluate current knowledge base and make recommendations for training or systems needed for success.


  • Audit a sample of recent Part A stays:
    • Calculate PDPM Case Mix Groups from 5-day MDS
    • Data gather RUG billed and number of days under current reimbursement system
    • Calculate the impact positive or negative


  • PDPM Case Mix Group calculations from recent Part A stays that reflect current population.
  • Provides insight into financial impact of PDPM revenue when compared to RUG revenue for same resident.
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