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The post-acute care environment is changing rapidly. By using our one-on-one Solution Center Service, we provide expert comprehensive regulatory answers to your most complex questions.
The Polaris Group Solution Center is like having a regulatory expert in your back pocket. Our team has strong research and analytical skills to ensure accurate and timely responses to simplify your job duties.

Service Offerings

Polaris Solution Center

The Polaris Solution Center offers an exclusive resource support service that is only available to Polaris’s customers for one low monthly fee. In addition, we offer a live person to talk through those tough questions in the comfort of your office along with regulatory resources to support our answers. We are staffed live Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. As a bonus, all Solution Center customers receive the latest Regulatory updates. The Polaris Solution Center covers all LTC-related questions.


Ready to ask our regulatory experts those complicated unanswered questions?

Let our experienced compliance experts help your facility stay compliant.

  • Medicare Coverage for both Part A and B
  • Billing Issues Medicare and/or Managed Care
  • MDS Assessment issues
  • Survey Compliance
  • 5 Star/SNFQRP
  • Infection Control Compliance
Our Solution Center answers 99.9% of questions within a 24-hour period during business hours.
Our Solution Center answers 99.9% of questions within a 24-hour period during business hours.
Polaris Solution Center clients find the service very useful and state that it has saved them money and so much time with their day-to-day duties.
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