Medicare Accuracy 365 Program

Transform your team into MDS and PDPM experts, and ensure you're reimbursed for resident care.

365 days of PDPM and MDS support for accurate Medicare reimbursement

Medicare Accuracy 365 is a year-long program to make sure you’re reimbursed for the care you provide. Our PDPM and MDS Consultants bring extensive Medicare and MDS experience to your community. We’ll help you improve your processes, deepen your staff skills, and capture the revenue you’ve earned.

How Medicare Accuracy 365 works

Transform your team and community into PDPM and MDS experts.


Identify missed opportunities for Medicare reimbursement. Polaris consultants will scour your MDS Assessments, evaluate your clinical systems, and determine your baseline for Medicare compliance and accuracy.


Facility-Specific Training

Strengthen your MDS Coordinator and interdisciplinary team’s skills with an in-depth and customized training. We’ll develop interactive sessions and training materials based on areas for improvement uncovered during your assessment.


Ongoing Monitoring and Improvement

See your Medicare accuracy improve, month after month! Our consultants will continuously audit your MDS Assessments and share corrections, tips, and process improvements with the team.

What's included in Medicare Accuracy 365?

We'll customize your program to your community's specific needs, but all Medicare Accuracy 365 programs include the following:

4-Day MCOA or 2-Day PDPM Audit
Onsite or Remote Facility Training
Monthly Claim Audits
Access to the Polaris Solution Center, our on-demand email and hotline for compliance and operations questions
A dedicated team of Polaris Consultants who will become an extension of your team
Average years experience of a Polaris Group MDS Coordinator

Polaris Edge - Clinical Compliance

Who is it for:
Clinical Compliance is great for facilities who want todevelop a strong state survey strategy. Choose this Polaris Edge program if you want to:
Mitigate citations
Improve your STAR rating
Enhance your staff’s clinical compliance for state surveys and resident care

What’s included?
4-Day Onsite Mock Survey
Onsite or Remote Facility Training
Monthly Chart Audits
Average years experience of a Polaris Group MDS Coordinator
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Meet Your Polaris Group PDPM and MDS Consultants

PolarisGroup’s consultants are industry experts and experienced practitioners. We’ve seen, heard, and experienced every challenge related to PDPM and MDS accuracy.

Industry experts with an average of 20+ years of experience
Skilled in PDPM, MCOA, SNF/ALF Mock Surveys, MDS Assessments, and more
Former DONs, MDS Consultants, Administrators, owners, and more
Highly accredited with nursing degrees including APRN, ACNP, ANP, LPN, LVN, RAC-CT, RAC-CTA, RN, and CNS
Hands-on extensions of your team, committed to your success

Polaris Edge FAQs:

How do I know if Polaris Edge is right for my facility?
Why are Polaris Edge programs yearlong?
My facility needs Medicare and Clinical compliance help. Can we sign up for multiple Polaris Edge programs?
How do I choose between remote and onsite services?

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