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PDPM Right Start - Comprehensive Services  

CMS intends to implement an entirely new payment systems October 1, 2019.  Challenges are ahead as CMS rolls out implementation plans; final details on case-mix groups, new MDS and related coding rules, ICD-10 coding with selection of primary reason for admission, co-morbidity coding, and changes in billing to name a few. 

Polaris Group is here to support you through the entire process for success.   We have created an array of services in one package to meet your needs.  We combine auditing with recommendations for system changes, training with tools for implementation, complimentary webinars, and access to our Solution Center to answer any question.   Our Sales Consultants will work with you to create your PDPM Right Start action plan to ensure success with transition October 1st.  


  1. PDPM Training
  2. ICD-10 Coding Tips for PDPM
  3. MDS Coding Accuracy for PDPM - all 161 Items on the MDS
  4. GG Coding Training
  5. Billing/Claims Training


  1. Full PDPM MDS Audit (over 161 items on MDS)
  2. ICD-10 Audits for PDPM
  3. GG Audit for PDPM/QMs
  4. Medicare Compliance checks


  1. Staff  Readiness
  2. MDS Data gathering processes
  3. Care Management
  4. Communication system changes
  5. PDPM Policy/Procedure Manual
  6. PDPM Compliance audits post October 1st 

Support Services:

  1. Complimentary PDPM webinars with timely updates
  2. Solution Center - experts are aphone call or email away 5 days a week
  3. PDPM Updates Newsletter
  4. PDPM Rates


  PDPM Training - How it works
  Full PDPM MDS Audit
  Focused ICD-10 Coding Accuracy Audit and Training
  MDS Coding Accuracy for PDPM Training
   Focused GG Audit and Training
  PDPM to RUGs Financial Impact Analysis
  Transition Services
Other PDPM Support Services:
   Medicare and PDPM Compliance Audits
  Key Indicator Trend Reports - Claim data trending services
  PDPM Manual with policies and procedures
  Billing Manual with policies and procedures
  Solution Center Hotline
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