Exceptional Staffing Services through Specialization: the Polaris Difference

March 14, 2023
Polaris Group
March 14, 2023

Not all staffing teams are the same. Polaris's results? 98% retention rates and superior staff for your facility.

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87% of nursing homes are facing moderate to high levels of staffing shortages and 98% are having difficulty hiring staff. With these dire numbers, it can be tempting to find anyone remotely qualified and place them in an opening.

And that is how many staffing agencies operate, with promises to fill an opening quickly without concern for qualifications, expertise, or fit.

We, at Polaris, operate differently.

We are not concerned with filling roles. Rather, we are concerned with placing an exemplary candidate who can join your facility and perform at an exceptional level. Nursing home roles are not just a job; there is special meaning in the work and residents deserve the absolute best. That is why Polaris is committed to quality staffing over quick staffing.

With 30+ years in the industry, Polaris has strong industry expertise within the staffing space. We specialize in placing administrators, DONs, and MDS coordinators. We maintain a nationwide network of over 100+ subcontractors who are experienced and vetted nurses and administrators capable of filling both interim and permanent roles.

The numbers speak for themselves: we have a 97% extension rate for our interim placements and our 98% retention rate is one of the best in the industry.

Intuition is the Polaris superpower. With over 30+ years in the industry, our staffing services team knows very quickly if a candidate will be a good fit for a particular facility. Mixed with an intense vetting process, Polaris will only bring qualified contacts forward for review, saving your facility time in looking through countless resumes at people who are not qualified or wouldn’t be a good fit for your culture. We stand by our placement process and back our work with a 60-day guarantee.

When desperate for staff, it can be tempting to hire the first resume that crosses your desk. But that short-term fix can ultimately lead to more turnover and more problems. Work with Polaris to get quality staff in your facility, rather than staff in quickly. Contact us here to find your next perfect hire.


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