SNF & ALF Mock Surveys

Prepare for your next state survey by with a mock survey! Polaris Group consultants identify compliance issues and share regulatory guidance so you and your team are ready for the real event.
With high staff turnover, surveyor shortages, and changing regulations, state survey prep is more challenging than ever before. Let our mock surveyors help you prepare!
Mock surveys for nursing homes and other long-term care communities serve a number of critical functions for administrators. First and foremost, they serve as a risk management tool to ensure communities remain in substantial compliance before any irregularities or vulnerabilities are discovered during the actual survey. A mock survey for a nursing home also serves to help enhance the resident experience by uncovering any issues that may be affecting them. By learning how residents view their day-to-day experiences within the community, administration can make improvements or adjustments that can make life more enjoyable and comfortable for them. These surveys also ease the burden on administrators by providing them with a ready-made solution for intelligence gathering in the lead-up to the state survey.
In recent years, the industry-wide changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in more medical care being integrated into the long-term care model. That said, state surveys have shifted their focus to include heightened emphasis on areas such as infection control, fall prevention, and staff competencies. Polaris Group pays close attention to these developments and assists our clients with preparation in anticipation of these issues being examined.


Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Mock Survey

Changes in survey protocols and enforcement rules have left long-term care facilities at increased risk of substandard care citations. We will help to ensure your survey is a success by identifying risk areas and making recommendations to achieve compliance and avoid civil money penalties. A team of Polaris Consultants will visit your site and conduct a mock survey, applying the same protocols, tasks, and quality indicators used by surveyors. We will also include an Exit Interview and Extensive Report with potential F-tag findings and detailed recommendations to assist in implementation.

Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Mock Survey

As the regulations for Assisted Living Facilities become more stringent and the survey process more adversarial, Polaris Group can provide you confidence in your survey preparation. Polaris Group ALF Mock Surveys will allow you to know your risk areas and achieve compliance before your surveyors arrive. Your ALF Mock Survey will include:

  • A state-specific assisted living mock survey in accordance with your particular state regulations
  • All regulations and related systems will be audited just like your state survey team
  • A detailed report with finding and recommendations to assist you with preparation for your next ALF survey

How Mock Surveys Prepare You for Your State Survey

State surveys can be very stressful for your leadership team and clinical staff. But they don't have to be! Mock surveys are a great way to identify and correct areas of noncompliance, as well as familiarize your team with how state surveys are run. Polaris Group's nurse consultants and mock surveyors have decades of experience working as administrators, DONs, and MDS coordinators. We understand the survey process and will not only help you correct potential Ftags, but also provide insight on how to make the survey process run more smoothly.

A Polaris Mock Survey includes:

  • Chart reviews
  • Direct observation of care
  • Staff interviews
  • And policy and procedure reviews

At the end of the mock survey, Polaris Group will walk you through a comprehensive report spanning all your facility's departments. You will receive recommendations for improvement, suggestions on further training, and helpful tips to make the real state survey run smoothly.

"Thank you for taking the time to help The Orchards team prepare for our annual survey! Your thorough and comprehensive visits really helped us get back to some basics and prepare for the REAL event."
Darolyn Jorgensen-Kares Chief Operating Officer, Continuing Life

Ready to take charge of your state survey results?

How Polaris Group mock surveys improve resident outcomes and compliance:

  • Provide resources and tools with solid ideas for compliance
  • Identify your high-risk areas with the knowledge and training to address
  • Assign scope and severity risk for citations to all F-tags
  • Provide detailed solutions and proven programs for success
  • Suggest recommendations to achieve immediate compliance on target charts
80% of Nursing Facility Operators agree Mock Surveys benefit the facility in preparing for an Annual Survey.
80% of Nursing Facility Operators agree Mock Surveys benefit the facility in preparing for an Annual Survey.
Mock Surveys can reduce survey citations and prevent civil money penalties.
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