Finding Your Perfect MDS Coordinator Just Got Easier

Ensure accurate reimbursement and say goodbye to new hire headaches with Polaris Group's Remote MDS Program.

Accurate reimbursement through outsourced and remote MDS coordinators

Finding and retaining a skilled MDS coordinator has never been more important or more difficult. Because staffing shortages have become the norm rather than exception in long-term care communities, many are being forced to ask their staff to take on additional responsibilities. This means higher levels of burnout and significant challenges when it comes to meeting MDS and nurse assessment requirements. With Polaris Group's Remote MDS Program, you can stop your search and give your MDS assessments the attention they deserve.

Expert Processes, Better Team Performance

Your MDS coordinator is an extension of your team, whether they're joining a Medicare huddle or training your IDT. They'll improve your processes and set your team up for long-term success.

Accurate Reimbursement and Compliance Confidence

Reimbursement and compliance start with your MDS coordinator. Our seasoned MDSCs are experts in Medicare, PDPM, and state requirements. They’ll ensure your assessments accurately reflect the care you provide.

Zero Training or Management Headaches

Your outsourced MDS coordinator is a full-time employee without the HR hassles or management responsibilities. You get a great MDSC, Polaris Group's senior MDS leadership is responsible for training, auditing, and management.

Why remote?

A best-in-class MDS Coordinator in a nursing home is exceptional at their job, wherever they're located.

More candidate options

Unlock a bigger pool of MDS coordinators and find the perfect person for your unique community.


100% focused on your MDS assessments

Eliminate the onsite distractions that pull MDS coordinators away from their real priority: timely and accurate filing.


Affordable and reliable team members

Avoid the travel and relocation fees of interim staffing, as well as the stress and talent management of permanent hires. You get all the benefits of a great MDSC, Polaris handles the rest.

Meet your perfect outsourced MDS coordinator

Skilled in:
Medicare regulations
PDPM charge capture, accuracy, and validation
Defining, documenting, and training staff on best-in-class processes

The right fit for your community:
Proficient in your EMR
Licensed in your state if non-compact
A reliable and dedicated member of your team
Average years experience of a Polaris Group MDS coordinator

Trusted by long-term care communities across the U.S.

Join other leaders in long-term care who trust Polaris Group to provide best-in-class outsourced and remote MDS coordinators. With more than 30 years of experience helping long-term care communities recruit and staff, we bring a high level of expertise. Our goal is always to help our clients achieve lasting stability and success. We believe the fact that 98% of our full-time placed employees are retained for a three-year period speaks to how well our recruitment strategies work at finding the perfect fit for an organization. Take a look at one of our recent success stories to learn more about how our approach can work for you.
"Peachtree Hills Place recently learned that we got a deficiency free survey!  I am so excited for our team, but this would not have been possible without our Polaris MDS Coordinator's help.  I want to say thank you for all the hours she put into educating us and making us look good.  This team has stepped up in so many ways and I am very proud of them!"
— Gerri Cooper, LNHA, MHRER
Healthcare Administrator
"I looked at the MDS in progress list today and honestly could have cried with happiness and relief. The fact that you're getting them done and I don’t have to double check information or read and re-read that blessed RAI Manual ⁠— thank you!! "
— Piatt County
Director of Nursing
"Polaris Group's offsite MDS Coordinators are just as integrated with our team as onsite staff. They're knowledgeable on the MDS Assessment and Medicare compliance, and great at identifying coding things we’re missing. It’s like having all of Polaris Group's expertise on your team."
— Peggy Connorton
Associate Vice President of Healthcare Regulation, Compliance, and Quality

Get reimbursed for the care you deliver.

It all starts with a great MDS coordinator. Contact us today to find the perfect person for your community.
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