Clinical Compliance Counseling

During a Public Health Emergency (PHE), it is crucial to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Polaris Group’s healthcare compliance consulting can help determine areas of noncompliance allowing the best quality of care possible.
Improve care outcomes and decrease risk with Polaris Clinical healthcare compliance services. Do not become overwhelmed with fear of an infectious disease outbreak on top of your daily duties. Let our Clinical Experts help you achieve success in these unprecedented times.


Clinical Compliance Consulting

With over 30 years of experience, we're exceptionally qualified to provide you with a broad array of premier medical compliance consulting services and solutions customized to suit your organization’s needs. Our Clinical Compliance Consulting Program will:

  • Ensure accurate MDS Coding for both revenue and Quality Outcomes
  • Assist with preparation for next State Survey
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your clinical programs while assessing staff training needs
  • Understand and manage Quality Measures
  • Develop methods to improve performance and teamwork
  • Provide DON and MDSC training and support

Infection Control Services

Every LTC and Assisted Living community is at risk for an Infectious Disease Outbreak and surveyors are focused on infection control practices and preparedness like never before. We will perform an in-depth review of your infection control program and practices, to evaluate for compliance with emergency preparedness using CDC guidelines and create your action plan.

Emergency Preparedness Review

Director of Nursing (DON) Training

Today, DONs need more than just clinical experience. They need operational, managerial, regulatory, and financial expertise as well. Polaris Group Consultants can work with your facility's DON to ensure accurate revenue while improving resident outcomes and state survey results. We can help you streamline your systems, assess and train staff, and develop methods to improve performance and teamwork.

Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Risk Assessment

An escalating number of medical malpractice lawsuits has resulted in insurance carriers canceling liability coverage, refusing to renew policies, or raising premiums by as much as 1000%. Our goal is to provide you with support and resources to reduce general liability risk, improve operations, and essentially improve quality of care.


Ready to take charge of MDS coding and survey results?

Let us improve resident outcomes and compliance while increasing profitability.


  • Provide resources and tools with solid ideas for compliance
  • Identify your high-risk areas with the knowledge and training to address
  • Provide detailed solutions and proven programs for success
  • Suggest recommendations to achieve immediate compliance
Ensuring your Infection Control Practices are following CDC guidelines can reduce your risk of an infectious disease outbreak.
Ensuring your Infection Control Practices are following CDC guidelines can reduce your risk of an infectious disease outbreak.
Accurate MDS Coding contributes to clinical compliance and proper payment under PDPM.
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