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Staffing Solutions

Whether you are a client seeking to fill a position or a prospective employee looking for a new opportunity, Polaris Group is ready to assist you.
Find the Interim or Permanent position right for you!
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Specializing in the Following Positions:

MDS Coordinator
Director of Nursing
Nursing Home Administrator
Business Office Manager
Regional Clinical and Operational Management
Assisted Living Administrator

Interim Staffing

Polaris Group’s Staffing Services will provide an efficient process to help you find work that is both gratifying and financially rewarding or assist you in finding that perfect candidate for your open position.

Permanent Staffing

Polaris Group’s Permanent Staffing service is user friendly and generates quick results. Our team members have 30+ years experience in the industry and will match you with the ideal fit.

To our customers, we provide value in excess of cost. To our contractors and candidates, we are accessible, credible, sincere, and genuine in our approach as we help to meet your needs, schedule and lifestyle.
<14 days
Our placement rate for Interim Staffing is 14 days or less with a 60-70% chance of being extended if the candidate desires.
Full-time employee retention rate over last three years is 98%.
"We had an immediate need for a DON so I reached out to Polaris Group and the team was very responsive. They asked exactly what type of individual I was looking for and within days we found the perfect interim candidate and is now our permanent DON. I would strongly recommend Polaris Group’s Interim or Permanent Placement Services."
Barry Audain,
Administrator Sinai Residences, Boca Raton

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