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Long-term care communities face significant staffing challenges. It is difficult to recruit and hire experienced staff, especially in specialized and leadership roles.

Polaris Group removes the headaches of recruiting, vetting, and hiring staff. We have 30+ years of experience in skilled nursing and assisted living staffing, and our specialized recruiters bring the industry knowledge, candidate networks, and specialized service you need to find top candidates.

Whether you're looking for interim or permanent staff, Polaris has the qualified, professional, and committed candidates for your unique community.

Specialized in Filling the Following Roles with Top Candidates:

MDS Coordinator
Director of Nursing
Nursing Home Administrator
Business Office Manager
Regional Clinical and Operational Management
Assisted Living Administrator
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Interim Staffing

Looking for a temporary hire as you search for a long-term candidate or cover a short-term leave? Polaris Group’s healthcare staffing solutions place interim staffing candidates in 14 days, on average. Get a great team member who's ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Permanent Staffing

Polaris Group has 30+ years of experience in Permanent skilled nursing facility staffing and assisted living facility staffing.  Get dedicated, enthusiastic, and skilled new hires, without the headaches of recruiting and vetting.

Outsourced MDS Coordinators

Finding and retaining a skilled MDS coordinator has never been more important or more difficult. Discover how outsourced MDS Coordinators with Polaris Group can improve your reimbursement accuracy and compliance.

To our customers, we provide value in excess of cost. To our contractors and candidates, we are accessible, credible, sincere, and genuine in our approach as we help to meet your needs, schedule and lifestyle.
<14 days
Our placement rate for Interim Staffing is 14 days or less with a 60-70% chance of being extended if the candidate desires.
Full-time employee retention rate over last three years is 98%.
"We had an immediate need for a DON so I reached out to Polaris Group and the team was very responsive. They asked exactly what type of individual I was looking for and within days we found the perfect interim candidate who is now our permanent DON. I would strongly recommend Polaris Group’s Interim or Permanent Placement Services."
Barry Audain,
Administrator Sinai Residences, Boca Raton

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