Novel staffing solutions are key to thriving in the post-pandemic healthcare environment

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April 28, 2022
March 14, 2023
Polaris Group Profile
Polaris Group
March 14, 2023

Are traditional recruiting strategies no longer working? Polaris Staffing outlines several unique tactics to attract high quality staff.

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As the healthcare industry adjusts to a post-pandemic world, one of the lingering challenges is the staffing crisis. Burnout from the pandemic, pre-pandemic staffing issues, and an aging workforce have exacerbated staffing turnover. As a result, one in three nurses is contemplating leaving the profession and there's a pressing shortage of MDS Coordinators.

To combat this staffing crisis, healthcare organizations need to think differently about how to recruit staff. Polaris recommends the following strategies to recruit and retain critical hires:

#1: Organizations need to examine their culture and seek help to improve organizational operations.

A 2020 study in the Journal of Nursing Management found that nurses exhibited lower job satisfaction, higher stress, more absenteeism, and higher intention to leave the profession when working for a manager with toxic leadership behaviors. Addressing and promoting work environments is step one to creating an attractive workplace. Polaris has partnered with long-term care facilities across the country for over 30 years. Through our robust mock survey process, we are able to help facilities reduce the number, scope, and severity of FTag issues creating a less stressful environment.

#2: Today’s employees want work-life balance and career development.

We have learned that the traditional 8 hour shift is not the best way to meet the needs of employees. Alternative staffing models that provide flexibility in shift duration and scheduling are key. Polaris Group can assist facilities in ensuring regulatory compliance as facilities adopt new models. In particular, recent nursing graduates also want career advance opportunities and continuing education. It is key to invest in your current employees with robust training programs. Polaris Group offers a wide menu of trainings ranging from operations to clinical compliance to regulatory guidelines.  Each training program is customized specifically for your needs.

#3: Take advantage of outsourcing opportunities.

One crucial role that is overstretched and understaffed is the MDS Coordinator. The MDS role requires full-time attention, commitment to detail, and knowledge of all specific regulatory data. In today’s staffing crisis, the MDS coordinator often needs to wear many hats – serving as the care plan updater, floor nurse, and CNA supervisor. The end result: burnout and errors leading to turnover and less reimbursement.

Polaris Group provides a novel solution: a full-time outsourced and offsite MDS Coordinator. Remote MDS Coordinators join morning meetings, attend weekly Medicare meetings, and initiate Care Plan discussions virtually. This reduces the need to pull an internal MDS Coordinator to cover shifts on the floor or perform other duties. Facilities also don’t have to worry about training a new MDS Coordinator, having back-up MDS Coordinators, administering benefits, or considering talent management and retention strategies.

Now is the time to adopt remote staffing solutions where possible

Polaris Group’s offsite MDS Coordinators are highly knowledgeable and specialized professionals who are committed to optimizing your reimbursements and ensuring compliance. With these experts, facilities can skip the time and hassle of training another MDS Coordinator. Our offsite MDS Coordinators are able to engage with your facility on day 1 as members of the team, fully focused on your compliance and success.

To learn more about how Polaris Group can assist your facility’s post-COVID recovery, contact us on our website here.

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