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What New Quality Measure Was Announced in the SNF QRP?

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Polaris Group
October 11, 2022
March 14, 2023
Polaris Group Profile
Polaris Group
March 14, 2023

Understand the new Influenza Vaccination Coverage among Healthcare Personnel quality measure into the SNF QRP.

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Since 2001 when CMS launched the Quality Initiatives Program, there have been routine updates and revisions.   Quality measures are tools that measure or quantify health care processes, outcomes, resident perceptions, and organizational systems necessary to provide high-quality health care, both goals and outcomes.

The FY 2023 SNF PPS Final Rule adopted one new quality measure into the SNF QRP: Influenza Vaccination Coverage among Healthcare Personnel (HSP) – NFQ #0431.  Data submission for this measure began on 10.1.22. This influenza vaccination coverage reporting is required for three groups:

  1. Employee health care providers
  2. Non-employee health care providers (licensed independent practitioners, physicians, NP’s, PA’s)
  3. Other non-employee health care providers (adult students, trainees, and volunteers)
What you should know

We are now within the required reporting time frame: October 1 – March 31. Data collection is required for this entire period and must be submitted by May 15th of the same subsequent year.  Facilities enter measure data into the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), an internet-based surveillance system managed by CDC.

What you should do

CDC encourages Health Care Provides influenza vaccination summary counts be updated on a monthly basis and each update be kept on printed paper copy, so that they can be used at the facility level to impact influenza vaccination activities.

Where to find details:
  1. Enroll in NHSN here.
  2. Review data collection forms and training materials on HCP influenza vaccination data reporting here.

2023 promises to be a year of many changes.  Polaris Group is here to help you navigate through and thoroughly understand the intent of these changes to achieve and maintain compliance.  And compliance means one thing: positive resident outcomes.

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