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Polaris Group Mock Surveys Best Prepare Facilities for State Surveyors

Polaris Group Profile
Polaris Group
August 24, 2022
March 14, 2023
Polaris Group Profile
Polaris Group
March 14, 2023

With high turnover, recruitment problems, and survey concerns, the demands on your clinical staff are greater than ever before.

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Many companies offer mock surveys. As a result, it can be different to determine who to work with. Not all companies approach mock surveys in the same way and here is what makes Polaris Group mock surveys different:

  1. Comprehensive reports: Polaris mock survey reports are, on average, 40 pages in length. Consultants go on-site and replicate the process of the state survey to identify what facilities are doing right and wrong, providing your facility with detailed reports and scoring information. We also include an Exit Interview and Extensive Report with potential F-tag findings and detailed recommendations to assist in implementation.
  2. Improvement plans: Results from mock surveys provide more than potential FTag citations. Mock survey reports also contain improvement plans whereby consultants identify risk areas and make recommendations to achieve compliance and avoid civil money penalties. Polaris consultants follow stringent guidelines so that nothing in the mock survey procedure is done haphazardly, ensuring your facility has a concrete plan to address any potential issues.
  3. Expertise: With 30+ years in the industry providing Medicare consulting in long-term care, we have more experience than the average company and are specialized in nursing homes. With experience comes expertise and this is enhanced with our research teams: our consultants have support through other Polaris consultants, financial experts, and therapists providing your facility a team of experts who excel at providing deep levels of analysis. We also offer a hotline whereby facilities can reach out with any concerns on an as-needed basis.
  4. Multiple ways to engage: If a facility does not want a true, intensive mock survey process, Polaris Group consultants can engage in a smaller performing chart audits that replicate what a surveyor would do. We can work with all sizes of facilities and budgets to figure out the most cost-effective mock survey process for you.


Polaris Group consultants are available to help your facility prepare for a mock survey in several ways.

With a Polaris annuity subscription, facilities will receive between 4 and 18 visits per year to prepare your facility for a deficiency-free survey. Polaris staff will help the facility at each visit with anything needed to optimize the facility for a survey. This could include doing MDS assessments to help catch up, analyzing a fall prevention program, or reviewing pressure wound prevention programs.

With an episodic contract and available by separate letter of agreement, Polaris consultants can be used for specific tasks to prepare a facility for the best survey review. Examples of specific tasks include: Medicare PDPM , clinical systems snapshot, live webinar trainings, and staff training procdures reviews.

Contact Polaris Group here for your survey needs.


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