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Decoding the MDS 3.0: Are you ready for MDS 3.0?

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September 27, 2023
September 5, 2023
Polaris Group Profile
Polaris Group
September 5, 2023

Use this checklist to help prepare your facility for MDS 3.0

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Don’t wait for October 1st to start planning and training staff on MDS 3.0. Below is a checklist you can use now to make sure your facility is prepared for MDS changes.

Section A:

  • Determine who will capture social determinants of health information through a resident interview
  • Trained staff on coding
  • Determine what information to include on medication reconciliation list and develop procedure for data capture
  • Create interview cue cards
  • Update forms or user defined assessments to capture new data elements

Section B:

  • Share examples of social determinants of health interviewing with social work
  • Train social workers on interviewing residents for health literacy
  • Update section B assessment forms
  • Update interview cue cards

Section C:  

  • Review coding tips with social workers

Section D:  

  • Review coding tips with social workers
  • Revise interview forms for the new PHQ2-9
  • Update interview cue cards

Section GG:  

  • Develop a process for assessing GG items
  • Train nurses, CNAs, and therapists on GG data capture and procedures
  • Ensure that procedures for data collection determine the resident’s usual performance
  • Update process and procedures
  • Re-educate all staff on new coding levels
  • Train and educate staff who document on the differences between GG and G

Section I:  

  • Update HIM or whoever completes the diagnosis coding and sequencing on changes

Section J:  

  • Consider having social worker complete all interviews and train staff
  • Update interview form or UDA
  • Create new cue cards for interview

Section K:  

  • Update dietician on section changes
  • Update data collection forms
  • Review how section K information will be documented in the medical record

Section M:  

  • Share pressure ulcer staging information with the wound team
  • Post the staging resource guide
  • Work with admission teams on assessing skin at admission and at every readmission
  • Train all nurses who are part of assessing and documenting wounds

Section N:  

  • Train staff on reviewing orders for all medications
  • Review procedures for asking providers for missing indications
  • Develop a process that ensures indications are included on all new orders

Section O:  

  • Train admission team on new information required in section
  • Create a standard request of information to get information from the hospital
  • Update UDAs to include specific language on treatments
  • Educate nurses on improving detailed charting and documentation

Section Q:  

  • Update the social work and discharge teams on section changes
  • Develop a list of LCAs
  • Determine a plan to include the LCA referral information in the documentation

There is lots to do to prepare your facility for October 1st. And with such little time until MDS 3.0 changes go into effect, reach out to Polaris Group Consultants to help. Our consultants can provide staff training, assist with developing policies and procedures, and educate your teams on new changes to ensure compliance.

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