Revenue Cycle Management

With so much pressure on the bottom line, it is more important than ever to stay on top of your cash flow. Our Revenue Cycle Management Program brings billing expertise and confidence to your LTC facility’s billing process.
Our dedicated RCM team offers a convenient and effective way for your facility to navigate reimbursement policies and enhance timely and successful reimbursement.


RCM Billing Services

We offer a full array of billing services to free up your staff including:

  • Ancillary Charge Entry
  • Payment Posting
  • AR Collection Services

Our RCM Billing Services offer claim management of:

  • Medicare Part A and Part B SNF claims
  • Non-private Medicare coinsurance and deductible claims
  • Managed Care and Commercial insurance Private insuranceMedicaid/Medi-Cal‍

AR Clean Up Services

Maintaining a healthy AR is essential to cash flow. The Polaris Group can provide the technical assistance, and the experience necessary to achieve the objectives below:

  • Improve cash flow by reviewing outstanding balancesIdentify adjustments as needed
  • Identify potential write-offs and contractual adjustments
  • Reconcile aging balances to secure payment for services rendered
  • Conduct follow up collection calls on-site and off-site
  • Payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Co-Insurance and/or Private insurance can be reviewed

Polaris Group Medicare Billing Training Program

On-site training of your billing staff to create competence and confidence in your ongoing billing process. We ensure your staff understands the claims process, can review the claims to ensure each claim is “clean”, leverage electronic billing to shorten payment time, and help you with claim tracking and problem resolution. We offer:

  • Part A and B UB-04 billing instruction
  • Review of all necessary forms involved in billing
  • On-site training of appropriate staff for compliant completion of necessary paperwork
  • Ensure claim is "clean" before it is submitted
  • Review Electronic billing to fiscal intermediaries and insurance companies, decreasing your payment time
  • Managed Care, Commercial Insurance and Coinsurance billing review
  • Claim tracking
  • Problem resolution on claims

Business Office Review

Polaris Group can provide a business office review and revenue management analysis for your facility which consists of a comprehensive assessment of systems which relate to revenue cycle performance, billing policies and procedures and inter-departmental communication. Polaris Group will also review ways to improve practices and assure accurate reimbursement, while meeting regulatory criteria and reducing financial risk. In addition, Polaris Group will provide an extensive review of the Medicare/Managed Care billing process including, the collection of information at admission, all the way through payment of the claim.

We will be reviewing:

Revenue Cycle

  • Evaluate processes related to admissions
  • Evaluate processes related to billing, accounts receivable, and consolidated billing
  • Evaluate post claim submission process
  • Evaluate processes related to billing compliance and risk for denials
  • Provide review of current aging for possible collection problems

Business Office Compliance

  • Evaluate processes related to credit balance reports and overpayments
  • Evaluate bad debt procedures Evaluate resident trust procedures
  • Evaluate process for supply billing
  • Evaluate process for cash handling

Risk Compliance

  • Perform a Part A and B Claim Compliance and PDPM MDS Accuracy audit to determine risk for denials‍


Ready to take charge of your revenue stream?

Let our trusted experts assist you with your SNF Billing.

  • Compliant and correct billing helps reduce your risk of audit.
  • Effective and efficient processes can reduce the amount of bad debt written off yearly.
  • Outsourcing your billing gives your team time to focus on other priorities and provides you with peace of mind knowing your facility is operating at peak reimbursement efficiency.
28 Days
After 12 months with Polaris, one client reduced their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 80% down by 28 days.
28 Days
After 12 months with Polaris, one client reduced their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 80% down by 28 days.
99% of Medicare Part A and B claims are paid within 15.3 days.
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