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Medicare Part A & B Utilization Analytics

Optimize Your Financial and Clinical Success

Know what your Medicare Utilization Data is saying with our Medicare PDPM KIT Report

  • Worried about how you would do in a CMS Contractor Audit (MAC, RAC, UPIC, etc.)
    • Know before CMS!
  • How do you compare to everyone else, and should you be worried?
  • Wondering if you are getting paid for what you do?

The Medicare Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) Key Indicator Trend (KIT) report provides you the opportunity to analyze your Medicare claims data to ensure optimum reimbursement with the new PDPM system. This report allows you the insight to identify coding trends, missed revenue opportunities and compliance vulnerability. It guides you in balancing quality resident outcomes with financial success to be a top performer in this challenging healthcare environment.

The quarterly Medicare PDPM KIT report is your window to excellence, by benchmarking your data against your corporation and the national industry standard.

The Medicare PDPM KIT Report will provide:

  • Distribution trends within each PDPM component (PT/OT, SLP, Nursing and NTA).
  • Average Case Mix Index (CMI) for each PDPM component
  • Principal diagnoses report to identify ICD-10 coding trends
  • Average length of stay (LOS)
  • Extensive Services coding trends
  • PT/OT and Nursing GG Function Score
  • Monthly Average Per Diem comparison
  • Episode of Care Report, providing resident specific breakdown of each component and the total cost per episode of care
  • Interim Payment Assessment (IPA) usage, to identify increase or decrease in per diem
  • Resident-specific discharges to the hospital within 30 days
  • Ensuring Medicare Part B charges are in line with physician’s fee schedule
  • Medicare Part B Manual Medical Review Threshold, resident-specific.

Click here to view a sample Medicare PDPM KIT report

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